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Mental Health Marketing


Mental Health in 2024 is arguably Australia’s greatest health challenge.

In the past two years, 42.9% of Aussies reported experiencing a mental health condition in their lifetime (ABS).

Nearly 40% of young Australians have been living with a mental health disorder for 12 months or longer; and 71% of GPs say mental health is Australia’s greatest emerging health issue. (Sate of the Nation RACGP 2023).

DigiMed Australia is a trusted leader in medical marketing for doctors, health organisations and medical services – and we are now delighted to offer competitive options for mental health professionals in Sydney and Melbourne, looking to cultivate their patients’ wellbeing through empathic, sensitive marketing.

We can create mental health websites for

  • GP Mental Health Marketing 
  • Psychiatrist Medical Marketing 
  • Psychologist Medical Marketing
  • Anxiety & Depression Specialist Marketing 
  • Trauma Therapist Marketing  
  • Psycotherapist Marketing 
  • LGBTIQ+ Mental Health Therapist Marketing

Mental Health Banner

Or core mental health services include

      • Creating websites and SEO to target new patients and reinforce key mental health education when your patient is at home.   Pricing here.   
      • Intergenerational mental health campaigns that create nuanced, meaningful messages for the right audience.  
      • We understand that men are often afraid to speak about mental health for fear of losing face; while younger Australians see the mental health discussion as far less taboo but need sharp, simple messaging.
      • We are also passionate about culturally-aware campaigns to service Indigenous Australians, (which currently have nearly  a threefold increased rate of suicide than Australia’s general population); and LGBTIQ+ campaigns provide compelling messages to a community that has a tenfold increased risk of suicide than the general population (Lifeline).

Other mental health care services include

      • Multidisciplinary Mental Health Videos (peer workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, pain experts), using professional news journalists and news crews 
      • Social Media campaigns to illustrate important days on the mental health calendar such as World Suicide Prevent Day, Men’s Health Week, R U Ok? Reconciliation Week and National Carers’ Week  
      • Logos, stationery, branding, business cards and other templates for mental health professionals. 
      • Opportunities to work with peer support workers and other medical key opinion leaders in mental health.
      • Hosting and organising mental health events.

For new mental health providers our annual plan is $660pm plus GST paid over 12 months.

This package, with first three months paid in advance includes

✔️ A five-page page website
✔️ Home, Conditions, Procedures, FAQs, Locations
8 artist designed banners (4 mobile, 4 desktop)
Off page and on page SEO, 20 backlinks
First year of hosting on high-speed Australian server
Photography theatre or rooms (2 hours) 
Artist designed wireframe and 20 stock shots   
Logo up to 3 choices included only 
Referral template, business cards, letterhead, financial consent form* 
GP newsletter letter x 1 page written, designed 
Handlebars to Facebook and LinkedIn on website
Keywords and competitor report for your conditions, treatments locations   

*Printing not included

    We also provide monthly plans for established providers for $1200pm plus GST paid over 12 months.

    This package, with first three months paid in advance includes

    ✔️ 6 hours of quarterly SEO 
    ✔️ Facebook optimisation   
    Facebook media posts x3 per month
    Up to $30 boost per post paid to Google.
    GP database for 200 local referrers
    Unlimited Stock Shots
    Quarterly GP Newsletter 1-2 pages
    Competition, growth strategy and marketing plan 
    2 x 1.5 minute videos, rooms photography 
    Minimum of 12 months
    Negative reviews advice, patient review strategy 
    Crisis management up to three hours (excludes legal)

    * Monthly SEO may be recommended instead of social media. Ask us what is best suited for your practice, location and specialty.  

    More on pricing here. 

     “Let DigiMed humanise the mental health patient experience with
    powerfully persuasive patient storytelling and  exceptional SEO.”

    Common SEO pages we can create include

    • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)  
    • Anxiety & Depression Counselling 
    • Adolescent Counselling Services
    • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
    • ASD Assessments 
    • Bipolar Disorder 
    • Borderline Personality Disorder 
    • Cognitive and Educational Assessments 
    • Corporate Psychology 
    • Couple Therapy 
    • Dissociative Disorders
    • Eating Disorders Awareness 
    • Emotional Dysregulation Education  
    • Feeding And Eating Disorders Diagnosis      
    • Functional Neurological Disorders
    • Internal Family Systems (IFS)   
    • Mental Health Therapy 
    • Mental Health Marketing Near Me 
    • NDIS and Disability Psychology Support 
    • Medical Marijuana referrals 
    • Mental Health Videos 

    Mental Health Liaison with mental health stakeholders like these.

    • Mood Disorders 
    • NDIS/Carers 
    • Insomnia  
    • Internal Family Systems Therapy 
    • Post Partum Depression 
    • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 
    • Relationship Therapy Counselling   
    • Schizophrenia 
    • Sexual Assault Counselling 
    • Stuttering & Mutism 
    • Transient Tic Disorders 


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