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First we had SEO. Then we had AdWords. Then we had AI.

Then, in 2023 Google experimentally rolled out Search Generative Experience (SGE) to 120 countries, with SGE expected to become mainstream in the next few years.    

DigiMed is delighted to offer complimentary SGE advice for all new clients as part of our monthly and annual SEO packages.

SGE takes a massive leap forward in AI search for doctor queries that patients and organisations are making, because it doesn’t just “find” information.

It creates powerfully, personalised responses to searches.

What is SGE?

SGE provides an AI-powered “snapshot” to help searchers answer multiple questions at once.   

If a patient is seeking information about a particular question or procedure, it quickly finds the points the search requires from different pages on the provider’s website and compiles the information into what is most relevant for the person searching.

How might it work?

This is a hypothetical example of how SGE may work when it comes to Australia.

For instance, a patient searches “Which bariatric surgery is most suitable for a 13-year-old teenager with diabetes?”

Google would quickly crawl through data on the website’s “Conditions We Treat Page” web pages such as “obesity” and “diabetes”.

On those pages, there would be a hyperlink to the treatment page “Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy”.

And on that page, Google would extract the information on the page that says “Gastric Sleeve surgery is the fastest-growing surgery in Australia. It may then go to the “our treatments” page and see that while Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy is the fastest-growing procedure for uncomplicated bariatric cases, it’s the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) that has been shown in multiple clinical studies to have better long-term weight loss and better blood sugar control than the Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery.  Additionally, it has also had a more significant diabetes remission.

The search may then delve further into the page on “bariatric surgery for adolescents” which says that in Australia the number of adolescents having surgery is increasing medical bariatric guidelines do not recommended surgery for patients under the age of 14. 

From this, a snapshot would be created for the searcher with critical information that informs them that 

  1. Sleeve surgery is fastest-growing surgery, but for patients with diabetes RYGB is more effective.
  2. Teenagers are not recommended for surgery until the age of 15, and only in exceptional circumstances for 14-year-olds.
  3. This may give the patient and their parents a year to further examine their options and book in for assessment via the doctor’s link on the adolescent assessment page. 
  4. It may also end on a disclaimer which appeared on both pages such as. “It’s important for bariatric patients to consult their health professional to determine the most suitable treatment option for their specific situation, which further helps doctors meet their AHPRA regulations.”

How does SGE friendly websites increase my Google rankings?

  • SGE allows patients to quickly find the information they are searching for and if the website is rich in content, it will help improve Google rankings.
  • Websites with the most relevant content, correct heading structure (so people with disabilities or sight or hearing issues can better navigate the pages), and SEO that is regularly updated with new links, are all other important factors to improve rankings.
  • Content is equally important because while good SEO or Google Ads/Adwords will get a person to your website, it’s the content that will keep them there.
  • This is why UI and UX are so important. Our annual SEO packages include complimentary speed testing reports, and ways doctors can improve their website further year on year, based on most popular searches and fresh content that is required (utilising keywords for your locations and procedures).

DigiMed is constantly seeking new ways to help its clients and their customers find what they are seeking in new, better and more efficient ways.

What are the benefits of SGE?

  • The searcher/user can ask more detailed, complex and descriptive questions.
  • SGE can generate visual graphs, images and timelines integrated into the answer
  • It can provide links for people to further explore
  • Engages more by asking follow-up questions or trying suggested next steps.
  • SGE can build on previous search history to provide more relevant and personalised information

Call DigiMed today for a complimentary SEO assessment and SGE review. Our SEO plans start at $800 plus GST, per quarter. 


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